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A majority of Americans support free college or job-training opportunities, according to a study released Wednesday.

The Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies, a non-profit think tank headed by GW law professor Spencer Overton, surveyed 2,000 black, Latino, Asian American and white workers in 2018. The study found that Asian American, African American and Latino workers are more likely than white workers to be interested in receiving education, including a GED, college degree, online training or a trade union.

“Our report offers the most in-depth view to date of how communities of color perceive the future of work, providing insights for lawmakers to address long-term challenges and ensure Americans from all backgrounds are prepared to compete in a rapidly evolving economy,” Overton said in the study.

Eighty-five percent of African Americans, 78 percent of Asian Americans, 75 percent of Latinos and 70 percent of white Americans reported that they are in favor of free college tuition, according to the study.

About 50 percent of the surveyed groups said the high program costs are an obstacle to completing additional career training, the study states.

The report found that a quarter of Latinos surveyed switched from salaried to hourly work, which is double the percentages of all other racial groups.

All groups surveyed said technology provides more opportunity in the workplace. All groups were found to value job security instead of new job opportunities or paid training as a top employment benefit, according to the study.

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