What to know if you’re stepping foot on UNF’s campus for the first time

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Maybe you’re stepping foot on campus for the first time as a freshman or maybe for your first time as a transfer. Regardless, there are things that UNF students don’t know until they’re well into their osprey years. To help skip and avoid all the trouble that comes with the busy fall semester, here are some tips you’ll definitely need:

  1. Parking

The one thing everyone dreads about the first two weeks or even months of Fall semester. Plan to look for a parking spot an hour earlier than normal at the height of the semester.

If you don’t know where to get a parking pass, they are available online through your MyWings account. But if you’re looking to park in a parking garage or lot for a couple of days, $5 parking passes are available at parking services which is located right across from Crossings dorm.  

If you’re looking to park closer to the Student Union (and you’re lucky enough to find a parking spot in Garage 38) you can pay by plate at one of the kiosks. Is there a line? Try the Whoosh! app.

For more information on parking click here.

  1. Bookstore

Once the fall semester starts, the bookstore becomes one of the busiest places on campus. The wait to purchase your books can take anywhere from 30 mins to an hour. The best thing to do is not wait last minute and we know it sounds hard, but it’s even harder to have to wait weeks for them to order more clickers or textbooks. 

The textbooks can be pricey so before heading down to the bookstore check out Amazon. With Amazon you can rent books and return them at the end of the semester or buy them and you get to avoid those long lines. Even further, ask around to see if your friends have taken the same class and are willing to sell them to you for a good price. 

  1. Food

If you’re new, you might not know about all the places you can eat on campus. 

 In the clubhouse, located near Osprey Cove, there’s Pita Pit, but if you’re not feeling a pita and instead you’re feeling something smaller, there’s a little convenience store. In Osprey Fountains, there’s Ozzie’s where you’re guaranteed to get the best tater tots, chicken tenders and chicken nuggets. You can even get a breakfast combo there. If you have a meal plan, head to down to the cafe where you can get a variety of different things including vegan and vegetarian options. If you’re not sure if you want to eat at the cafe, you can always check the online menu here.

Near the library, you’ll find Chop’d and Wrapped, Starbucks and arguably the best place to go on campus; Chick fil-A. In the Student Union, you can find Slice Pizza, Einstein Bros Bagels, and Panda Express. Above that on the second floor, you can dine at The Boathouse, where you can dine in and eat some wings or head to the bar for a cold one. 

Feeling a smoothie after a nice workout? Check out Jamba Juice, which is located in the Recreation and Wellness Center.

If you’re in a rush and don’t want to wait for someone to make your food, head to one of the two Outtakes located on campus where you can get a bowl of pre-made Mac and Cheese, and pre-made breakfast sandwiches, salads, or burgers.

  1. Student resources

If you need any help adjusting to college life, the Counseling Center and Lend-A-Wing is there to help. You can get a total of six counseling sessions each semester or an emergency appointment if you’re feeling extra blue on a specific day. The Counseling Center also offers art therapy and group sessions. 

As a college student, at some point you might run low on money but no need to worry. Lend-A-Wing offers non-perishable food items and other supplies for students to take advantage of if you’re scrambling for cash.

The Thomas G. Carpenter Library is also there to provide you with a quiet place to study, books and computers. The levels of quietness vary on each floor, the higher you go, the more quiet it will be.  Be sure to visit the library for finals as they have nap rooms and plenty of events for students to attend.

Shuttle stops are also located throughout campus. You can check the locations and arrival times of the UNF shuttles through an app called DoubleMap.

  1. Things to do on campus

If you’re bored and looking for something to do, venture into the Ogier Gardens which offers workshops and you can even “Adopt a bed” to grow your own plant. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, there are two art galleries with student art that you can check out. If you want to venture into the university’s past, check out Special Collections in the Library.

 Keep your eye out for events done by Osprey Productions and Student Government and Market days(on Wednesdays) where you can snag tons of free t-shirts and snacks. 

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