FREE ONLINE COLLEGE COURSES – 1000s of topics – take them on your phone or laptop!


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There are thousands of college courses offered online for free. Take a course on your laptop , computer or your phone!

For some students, it is possible to do your first year of introductory subjects with these free courses online.  You can take one of the free courses online, or read a free book on the topic, study, then take a CLEP exam (under $100) to get credit for the course.  You can also take advance courses online. There are thousands of topics!

in 2019 – First year of college x 8 to 10 classes for less than $1000 dollars. Students in high school can also take these exams. If a student doesn’t do well on their AP exam, they can restudy the subject and take a CLEP exam. 2900 colleges accept the courses instead of taking the courses at their school. Verify the school’s requirements.

There are also Community colleges,  4 year colleges and Universities that offer free tuition.


Open Culture 1,300 Free Online Courses from Top Universities

MOOCs – Open Online Courses – some offer certificates – 1000+

150 Free Online Business Courses

200 Free textbooks

8197 courses – Open education database

2761 courses – edX – courses are free, verified certificates and degrees are not

MIT open courseware

Carnegie Mellon University – Independent learners
no course key needed, scroll to choices of courses and choose what you are interested in learning

Stanford Online – Stanford University free open learning courses

Harvard Online – use pull down menu and click FREE, then search for courses

Harvard Extension School, free and open learning

Some people get a Harvard degree by attending online classes at the extension school, then meet the requirement for attending classes at Harvard in the summer for a few weeks, or for a semester.

Teen Graduating From High School And Harvard In The Same Month

Free online courses from people interested in teaching about something

1000 Free courses – OpenLearn

CLEP exam subjects

$89 per test — 2900 colleges accept these instead of requiring students to take the course at their college. Verify with the college or use the tool to search the 2900 schools

Composition and Literature

These exams cover topics related to American and British literature and composition.

Read more about Composition and Literature

Science and Mathematics

These exams cover various science disciplines and different levels of math.

Read more about Science and Mathematics