Dorm Room Decor Tips & Trends From An Interior Designer

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While plenty of students are happy to shop curated items through websites like Dormify, After Five Designs is offering something different. As you can probably tell, Thomas does more than create cute rooms. “That’s the point of the install — families don’t have to rent a van or carry it. Especially when they’re from Virginia, Washington, and New York, and far away places, hiring us is a no-brainer,” she says. “Last year, we worked with a lady who was 82 and had raised her granddaughter. She called me after move-in and said, ‘You all are angels… I saw the boxes, I saw all the stuff that you had to bring, how would I have been able to do that?’… You think about all the families that are in that situation, it’s just helpful to have a service to do it for you.”
College Dorm and Apartment Cooking gadgets - if you change the sort settings on the Amazon page, it will show other items by price

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