Like the Smell of Weed? There are Candles and Air Fresheners For That.

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Dear Stoner: Who would want a marijuana-scented candle or air freshener? Saw them at the mall and couldn’t think of a reason — and I smoke weed.

Dear Sasha: If you can’t think of a reason, then that obviously means no one else can, either, right? Wrong. Time to smoke some weed (or more, since you already do) and expand your mind, Sasha. There’s mischief to be had here.

Ask a Stoner: What's the Point of Weed-Scented Candles?

Live in a college dorm and can’t stand one of your dormmates? Hide a few pot-scented air fresheners in the room and call the R.A. Want to freak your parents out one day? Leave a Kush Candle burning in their bathroom after a family dinner. You could even mess with the cops when they pull you over. If your car is clean and you don’t have any THC in your blood from the day before, it might be fun to watch them search for nothing. Even if they don’t put your car all the way back together, it could still be worth it.

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