101 Unexpected Items Your College Dorm Room Needs

If Amazon doesn't have a Whole Foods grocery near you, there are non-perishable groceries ( food that doesn't spoil) that Amazon can ship to you

Not to get too ahead of ourselves, but Summer is an ideal time to begin your college dorm essentials checklist. And really, we’re over the moon for what Pottery Barn has in store. No matter what your dormitory set-up is – suite, apartment-style, bedroom – there’s a cozy faux fur lounger, darling desk lamp, and much-needed laundry bag for everyone (and really, their products are just as good as Target’s). A prompt look through these dorm treasures will send your college packing list into double (maybe even triple) digits, it’s so good. And, because it’s Summer, we expect these items to be in stock for at least a little longer. Nevertheless, we encourage you to grab ’em before someone else does! Read ahead for all of our handpicked favorites.


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