Updated: 14 Amazon Prime Day 2019 Deals for College, Dorm & Apartment Life

If Amazon doesn't have a Whole Foods grocery near you, there are non-perishable groceries ( food that doesn't spoil) that Amazon can ship to you

If you’re trying to sift through the noise to find the Amazon Prime Day best deals, allow us to help you out. College is around the corner and while it can be exciting to shop for dorm room supplies, it can also be overwhelming and in some cases, expensive. Your dorm should feel like your home away from home and be a place that you retreat to after a crazy day of classes and clubs, so take some time to decide what kind of dorm decor you want.

For those of you who are ballin’ on a budget, fear not. We found some of the absolute best deals from Prime Day so that you can go back to school fully prepared. From no-slip velvet hangers to bed sheets for under $10, to your very own Alexa and smart plug, these are the items that will have you clicking “add to cart,” no questions asked. Whether you’re shopping for the perfect desk lamp or an ottoman that is both cute and functional, read on for 14 items that are some of Amazon Prime Day’s best deals you don’t want to miss out on for back-to-school.

College Dorm and Apartment Cooking gadgets - if you change the sort settings on the Amazon page, it will show other items by price

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