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Going off to college can be a big adjustment—especially if you’re used to your own bedroom. Sharing a dorm room can mean a big sacrifice in the amount of privacy you have but adding a room divider can keep you sane during your roommate’s midnight study session. This tension rod is the perfect way to add privacy and divide the room without taking up precious space.

Easy Installation and No Drilling

These room divider tension rods come in multiple sizes and can be easily installed in a dorm room. No drilling is required—just place the ends of the tension rod with blackout curtains against two walls then lock it into place when the length is right. The rod doesn’t take up limited floor space, and the curtains can be opened or closed depending on the level of privacy desired.

Strong Hold

While this tension rod is easy to install and remove, it still provides a strong hold for heavy blackout curtains. It can also double as a drying rack when you’re trying to save money on laundry.  

Why Customers Love It

Amazon customers loved this room divider tension rod and gave it an average of 4.4 out of 5 stars. Customers loved that this tension rod came with easy to follow instructions and installation took just minutes. They were also impressed that this rod was so durable for the price.

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