The Official To-Do List All College Students Should Complete Before A New Semester

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Anyone who’s ever been to college can relate to the fact that no matter how much you’ve prepared, new semesters seem to appear out of nowhere, leaving you with little to no time to get yourself ready.

As overwhelming as it can be to wrap up school shopping, complete summer assignments, and (sometimes) move back to your college town from your home town, it’s always exciting to know that a totally fresh start is within reach. And with the end of one semester comes an opportunity to reflect and refocus on the things you want to accomplish.

I treat every new semester as a new chapter in my life — a chance to truly reorganize and prep myself for the rush of new material, pending assignments, and social activities sure to come.

To help all college students start their next semester off right, Bustle partnered with Boost Mobile to bring you the all-inclusive guide to getting your ducks in a row before classes begin.

1. Do A ‘Cleanse’

Hear me out — I’m not talking about drinking only lemon water for 48 hours. What I’m suggesting is cleansing yourself of old, unnecessary school supplies that’s been hanging around forever. Go through all your textbooks, folders, pens, and half-filled notebooks to determine what you can sell or recycle. You’ll declutter and create room for new supplies and you’ll save money by avoiding buying anything you already have in your stash.

2. Solidify Your Budget

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All college students know the struggle of budgeting, but it’s important to recognize what you can and can’t afford before the semester begins. Take this opportunity to find areas where you could be cutting costs, like your cell phone plan! Switching to a more affordable plan — like Boost Mobile’s $50 per month unlimited plan — is a super simple way to save money without compromising your data needs. Plus, Boost will give you a free — yes, free — LG Stylo™5 when you switch. Score!

The window before classes begin is also a great time to apply for part-time jobs that can provide you with a steady cash flow before your schedule starts filling up.

3. Choose Your Classes Carefully

Some classes are non-negotiable for your major, but when you have some flexibility or are choosing between two courses that can satisfy the same requirement, don’t just go with an easy professor or the class all of your friends are taking. Instead, take a moment to think about what you want out of your semester and pick an option that will fuel your curiosities or provide you with a new skill.

4. Make A Bucket List

While studying should definitely be your biggest priority, most schools also have a wide range of student activities and clubs on campus that are totally worth pursuing. Make a list of things you want to make time for (both on and off campus) that you can explore in the evenings, between classes, and on the weekends. Whether it’s cheering on your university’s football team on Friday nights or exploring nearby museums on Sundays, make sure you take advantage of everything your environment has to offer.

5. Scope Out A Quiet Place To Study On Campus

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Take a minute to find a quiet place you can go before, in between, and after classes for uninterrupted study time. This location can also double as a meeting spot for group projects, and for catching up with a friend one-on-one.

6. Find A Mentor Or Internship

Having a mentor — whether it’s a professor from your school or an upperclassman in your major — can be incredibly helpful when navigating the complicated intricacies of college, and eventually, the real world. Take some time before the semester begins to seek out a mentor you feel comfortable reaching out to.

If you’re taking on a lighter course load, consider finding an internship that can help you gain valuable connections and real world experience.

7. Double-Check Classroom Locations

Avoid the embarrassment of walking into the wrong classroom or arriving late to your first day (and infuriating your professor) by double-checking the locations of all your classes the day before the semester begins. You can thank me later.

8. Clean Your Room & Stock Your Kitchen


Starting off the semester with a clean room doesn’t just feel refreshing — a tidy space can actually be less distracting and more calming in the midst of new semester stress. Additionally, stocking your kitchen with essentials and putting a few frozen meals in the freezer will come in handy later on when you’re too swamped by schoolwork to go food shopping.

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