The Nine Best Gadgets For College Students

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College is a time of learning and self-discovery. It’s also a time of late nights spent writing essays and papers, or watching TV and movies with friends. Useful technology  is very important, so what are the best gadgets for college students, not counting the obvious laptop computer? Here are nine:

Noise-canceling headphones

A good pair of headphones is essential for focusing and reading in public spaces and dorm rooms with roommates. Noise-canceling is the way to go. You can find them in a variety of styles such as wireless and earbuds, so just pick whatever one fits your budget and lifestyle.  

Reading light

You may have a different schedule than your roommate, and when they need to sleep, you need to read. To keep the peace, break out a reading light that isn’t too disruptive. You can find small LED desk lamps with good illumination, or bookmark-style lights that clip right to the book you’re reading. There are countless styles, like battery-operated lights or ones you charge with a cord, so shop around a bit before deciding. 

Battery power bank

Speaking of charging, college students use their phones a lot, and there won’t always be an available outlet. A portable battery power bank is the perfect solution. They’re small and light, and many can hold up to two full charges for your smartphone. Some even come with built-in flashlights.

Portable hard drive

College students have the Cloud now, so backing up papers and other big projects isn’t much of a hassle, but it’s still a good idea to have a portable hard drive. If you need to store a lot of music, photos, and other media, a good hard drive is especially important, because depending on your Cloud plan, it might fill up quick.

Note-taking will never be the same.

Note-taking will never be the same.

A smart notebook

Note-taking will never be the same. These incredibly-cool notebooks use special ink and an app, so you upload whatever you write to cloud programs like Google Drive or Dropbox. Many notebooks are also dry-erase, so when you’ve uploaded your notes, you can erase the notebook and start again. You’ll never need to buy another notebook again!

Heated travel mug

Whether you’re a tea or coffee drinker, a heated travel mug is a must for early classes or late study sessions. Brew your own or transfer your favorite cafe drink to the mug, and use a USB cable to keep the mug nice and hot.

Surge protector

A lot of gadgets for college students have cords, and too many cords plugged in can cause fuse issues. Enter the surge protector. These are pretty affordable, and make your room a lot safer. There are lots of options in terms of sockets and cord lengths, so find what you like best. Take note: a surge protector is not the same as a power strip. 

Light alarm clock

When it comes to gadgets for college students, an alarm might not be first on your list, but consider this: studies show that waking up to light is more effective than a jolting sound. A light alarm clock works by gradually lighting up your room, so your system isn’t shocked. To be sure, get one that has sound as a backup, because even the brightest light might be no match for an exhausted student. There are light alarms with more natural, pleasant sounds, as well as features like different light settings. 


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