Summer temperatures mark Panola College move-in day | News

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Move-in day at Panola College last Saturday involved a lot heat, as well as help from area churches.

Several area churches volunteered to help students and their families move into their dorms before the start of school.

Still Waters Cowboy Church’s youth pastor John Henry Zabcik said they were helping move students in as an outreach for the students.

“Let them know that there’s a church family here that loves them,” he said. “If they want to come hang out with us, they can.”

Freshman Kaley Burch and her parents Dayna and Thomas Burch said they were feeling nerves and excitement over move-in.

“I’m excited and scared to let her go for one thing,” Thomas Burch said. “I’m nervous about that, but she’s gonna be alright.”

Criminal Justice major Madison {span}Cichor{/span}acki is going into her second year at Panola College, and she said she’s optimistic about the coming year.

“(Move-in’s) a lot easier than the first year, that’s for sure,” she said. “I’ve got more stuff, but it’s kind of like routine at this point, so I already know what to do, so it’s a lot easier.”

Cichoracki’s mom, Deanna Thomas, said her son is also going to be attending Panola College, and once he’s moved in, it’ll be an empty nest for her.

“Gotta get the funding situated, and then he’ll be moving into the dorms too and then freedom!” Thomas said. “…it’s my babies. but I’m proud of them… I’m excited for them, and now I get to figure out who I am. So I feel accomplished, because they’re in college, so now their future starts.”

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