Students look to college registries to get what they need

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You may have heard about registries for weddings or babies, but what about for college students?

Kalib Hawkins, Target’s Service and Engagement Leader at the Wynnefield Heights location, explains college dormitory registries have been taking off in recent years.

“You’re setting up a brand new home for yourself, right?” Hawkins said. “College kids definitely need their coffee so you see the Keurig machines!”

As far as what goes on the list?

Standard items may include plastic storage, hangers, trash cans, and mini fridges.

Then there are fancier alternatives like faux greenery or furry pillows.

Students may get graduation gifts anyway, so the thought is, why not get them something they’d actually use?

“Everyone walks out satisfied. You’re looking for this particular item, I got you that particular item. You go to college with what you need,” according to Hawkins.

The Wynnefield Heights location is a hot spot for college students, with so many schools nearby.

“University of Pennsylvania, St Joseph’s is right up the street, Temple, Villanova, Jefferson, they’ll all start coming in. It’s fun, to say the least. It looks like Christmas!” Hawkins exclaimed.

So what do students think about the concept?

We dropped by Drexel University.

Cameron Neely didn’t have a registry, but saw why it could be useful.

“I think that if you know what you need and people are willing to help, I think it’s a good thing.”

Chris Ciliberto had a different take.

“I think they’re a little ridiculous. Think it’s going a lot out of the way to ask your friends and family to buy you all the things you need for your dorm room. You kind of have everything you need. All you need is like bed sheets,” Ciliberto said.

Lydia Briggs is a graduate student and never had a college registry but ticked off some possibilities.

“The ramen noodle snack pack, bedding, little decor and furniture, I think is always cute,” Briggs listed.

Have fun with your registry, but remember, you still have to move it all in!

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