Stevens Tech’s computer system shut down by hackers

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The definition of irony: Stevens Institute of Technology can’t get its computer system to work.

The Hoboken college admitted on its website on Aug. 8 that it was the victim of a “very severe and sophisticated” cyberattack and it was working to “resolve this as quickly as possible.”

The computer system is still down Monday, officials said in an online update.

The school also advised users, including students, “for your own protection, please shut down and do not use any computers that have been connected to the Stevens network until further notice.”

School spokeswoman Thania Benios said “We are rapidly progressing toward a campus wide resolution to support the needs of all constituencies including incoming students, current students, faculty and staff.”

The school said it intentionally took down all systems and networks “to carefully address and rebuild our operations in a way that will safeguard our users and systems as we move toward a return to operations.”

While saying that progress is being made, Stevens officials told system users to remain vigilant and offered these tips for those using personal computers and devices, which do not appear to be compromise:

  • Immediately install all Windows updates and ensure that you have strong, up-to-date virus protection.
  • Ensure that your computers and personal data are backed up, and that the backup media is then removed from your computer and stored separately.
  • Reset all personal passwords. Never use the same passwords on different accounts.

On Sunday, officials said this attack is not known to have affected Macs or mobile phones.

Stevens, with roughly 3,500 undergraduates and nearly 600 employees, is considered one of the leading research institutions in the nation. The school offers a degree in cybersecurity, calling it “one of the first and best.”

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