Serop’s Express on College Drive opens Monday | Food/Restaurants

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The new Serop’s Express on College Drive is set to open Monday.

This will be the sixth location for Serop’s Express, which is a fast-serving version of the more formal but still casual Serop’s Cafes on Corporate Boulevard and Perkins Road. Expect all of the Serop’s Express favorites at the College Drive store, and like the Jefferson Highway location, which was remodeled in 2016, this one will also feature a drive-through.

Owner Vasken Kaltakdjian opened the first Serop’s Cafe location in 1979 on Government Street, and the operation remains family-operated. The new location is 2,255 square feet and was built by SALCO Construction of Baton Rouge.

This Serop’s Express is located at 2330 College Drive and will be open 10:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily. (225) 248-6200;

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