Practical electrical appliances every university student needs

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Have you moved out of your house and into student housing? You’ve probably heard that your university days are supposed to be among the best moments of your life, but not all aspects of student life are fun.

Once the novelty of moving out, staying on your own and savouring the sweet taste of freedom wears off, the weight of reality can hit you pretty hard.

It’s not just about the workload in university. Coupled with the stress of money management and adulting in general, can leave you feeling down in the dumps. 

Electrical appliances may be one of the last things on your mind when it comes to making life easier as a student, but here are some common – and overlooked items – that can make food preparation and other small but overlooked aspects of life convenient.

A multipurpose desk lamp

While in university, you can expect to spend long hours at your desk studying. This makes it pertinent to invest in a multipurpose desk lamp that also serves other important needs. For instance, the Gerintech LED Desk Lamp is not only a lamp, but it also has a pen holder, clock and a USB charging port for all your needs, saving you a ton of space for a clutter-free desk.

Microwave oven

We love the versatility that a microwave oven offers. 

It’s not only ideal for reheating leftovers, but also for making microwave recipes on days when you’re just too tired (or lazy) to cook. Be it cake, pasta or even an omelette, a microwave is truly your best friend while you’re at university.

A sandwich maker


A warm meal can be truly comforting after a long day. Source: Shutterstock

Why spend $10 dollars on a sandwich when you can make one yourself at a fraction of the price? A warm, satisfying meal takes almost no time at all to prepare with this nifty device.

Electric kettle 

Electric kettles aren’t just for making your morning cuppa. Resourceful students have also used it to boil their eggs, cook ramen or pasta, among many other things. To boot, they’re affordable and take up very little space.

Hair straightener

Here’s one for the ladies. While a hair straightener is ideal for keeping your mane smooth and presentable, they can also double up as a small and nifty iron to smoothen out small creases in your shirt when you haven’t gotten around to ironing.

Preferably, you’ll want to ensure that your iron is clean from any hair products prior to using them to smoothen out the wrinkles in your collar or between your shirt buttons.

A small, portable fan

If you don’t have air-conditioning in your dorm room, a portable fan will be your saviour during those long, humid summers. They’re also great for drying clothes quickly for emergencies.

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