Join the ‘her X Guinness Time’ WhatsApp group to WIN loads of Guinness-related prizes

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Brought to you by Guinness

Ah, Guinness.

Sometimes the best evenings are when you decide to just take things easy and sip on a drink with the girls. That’s why we love Guinness – it tastes great and you can nurse a pint of the stuff for ages while you catch up on all the day’s events with your friends. (Plus you can add a drop of blackcurrant if you have a sweet tooth.)

Well, now we have even more reason to love Guinness because together we have set up the her X Guinness Time WhatsApp group to give us loads of free prizes (hurrah!).

The idea is pretty straightforward – they’re celebrating that early evening tipple that we are so fond of and they want to give back to us for being the Guinness-loving fans that we are (you’re welcome, Guinness).

The prizes could range from anything between free pints for you and your mates to a free trip to the Open Gate Brewery to free tickets to the Guinness Cork Jazz Festival. There will also be a chance to win a pair of tickets to the All-Ireland Football Final! Now that’s what we’re talking about.

Every week, you’ll get a notification from the group telling you what prize is up for grabs and how to win it. For example, you might get a message telling you that someone from the Her team is at a certain pub buying pints of Guinness for any WhatsApp members who replied to the prize announcement with a Guinness Time gif.

There are four WhatsApp groups – one for each province so you don’t have to go gallivanting around the country just for a free glass of the good stuff. And don’t worry – you’ll only be receiving the direct Guinness messages so your phone won’t be binging with hundreds of notifications from people you’ve never met.

If you want to be a part of this, just fill in the form below.

Whether you’re out with your workmates or chilling with friends, set your watch to #GuinnessTime.

If you are having trouble viewing or submitting this form, please click here.

T&Cs apply. 

Brought to you by Guinness

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