Is It Worth Bringing A Memory Foam Mattress Topper To College?

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Many of you will be packing up and heading to college in the coming weeks, and the last thing you’ll want to be taking with you is a mattress or an entire bed.

It is nearing that time of year when kids start heading off or heading back to college. A time in their lives when they’re not just training for their dream job and to get a degree, but they are learning how to be an independent adult. College is no longer simply about learning more and honing a craft, it’s a crucial stepping stone for many between leaving home and going out into the world to fend for yourself.

That also means you don’t need everything that someone would normally need to fill a brand new house. Chances are you’ll be staying in a dorm, or some sort of shared property, most of which already include the majority of the furniture you’ll need. However, don’t expect anything special, especially when it comes to your bed for the next year or more.

On the flip side, neither you nor your parents will want to cart a bed halfway across the country on the off chance you don’t like the one that’s waiting for you at college. Nor will they want to buy one when you get there. If nothing else, what will you do with the one that’s already there? The easiest and cheapest solution to this quandary? Invest in a foam mattress topper.

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Mattress toppers can vary a great deal in price. However, even the very worst one will improve the comfort of your dorm room bed, at least we hope it will. If you’re feeling flush this summer, a higher-end topper will set you back somewhere close to $200. However, a pretty good one could come as cheap as about $50 if you shop around.

The move to college is a very big step for most teenagers. It’ll likely be the first time they have ever lived away from their parents. When that time comes, which could be soon for many of you, you’ll want to avoid anything that can make the transition harder to deal with. Sleeping in an uncomfortable bed might not sound like a big deal, but it will if you’re already upset and thinking of giving up college to return home. Get yourself a comfy mattress topper and give yourself one less thing to worry about as you tick off the next big milestone in your life.