Incoming Freshmen Experience Breakthrough with Empowerment Coach at New Student Orientation

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New Student Orientation

Exactly 329 students recently got a sneak peek of Tigerland at the New Student Orientation. Kicked off with a fueling roll call followed by a series of social media “ussies,” or “us selfies,” groups of freshmen rotated through informational sessions on services the institution offers, including Student Support, Campus Safety, Academic Affairs, and Housing.

Brenda CaldwellPsychologist and University of Memphis graduate Brenda Caldwell, Ph.D., dealt hope and motivation to the newcomers by interfacing with them using props. “My words have power…I am somebody; I am an overcomer…I belong here; this is my campus…One Team, One Way, the Tiger Way!” were among the many empowering lines she instructed the students to repeat collectively. “Shine; don’t shrink,” they chanted.

A self-proclaimed hope restoration specialist, Caldwell dedicated her presentation to students negatively affected by disappointing words that attempted to reduce them to individuals unworthy of success.

Leading the students in a Dipped in Destiny-themed lyrical freestyle, Caldwell got the audience enthused about success using a memorable and entertaining dance move she calls the ‘dip.’

“You’re dipped in purpose. You’re dipped in uniqueness. You are created for something special,” she emphasized.

New Student OrientationAfterward, the students gathered for lunch amid an ambience suitably set by a playlist of favorites. When students finished checking in to their dorm rooms, parents and students came back together for an evening cookout. The students wrapped up the evening with waterslide fun at the James Miller Stadium.

Kaylin Rogers, an incoming CCC freshman who attended the New Student Orientation especially enjoyed Dr. B, Caldwell’s moniker.

“I’m expecting for my voice to grow and to do really well,” said Rogers.

“It’s a really loving atmosphere…I was enjoying watching everybody just be themselves and have a whole bunch of fun.”

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