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hi everyone so next year i will attend baruch college in nyc (I will live at home and commute everyday). Basically i will have to walk or bike to the train station everyday + train ride + another 25 mins walk. For college i decided i would buy a new laptop and i bought the dv6t quad edition with a awesome 1080p display, i7 and radeon 6770m for games.

The laptop weigh about 5.8 lb and its a 15.6″ display. I really like the laptop but i am not sure it its ideal for my situation, like to carry around all day with me. I don’t plan on bring it to class as for now because is a distraction, but it might change because i don’t really know what college would be like.

So i was considering a lenovo y470 with a 14″ inch display and 4.78 lb (i5 and around 150$ dollars less).

My question is from personal experiences how do you think is a 15.6″? do you think its ideal for college life, from a commuter perspective. Are they common in college? and would the 14″ make any difference? because if i decide to switch to the 14″ i loose some features like the 1080 display, i7, 6gb memory and the good graphic card for gaming but i will gain some great portability that could make my life possibly easier

ah and i don’t think i want to go below 13″ because it will be it will be too small

Let me know i thank you in advance

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