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(BRUSLY, La.) “With the hair hanging the way it’s hanging, it’s no way possible you could have seen the earring unless you went touched her hair and moved it.”

Angered by a decision at Brusly Elementary School, Cheryl Batiste said what happened to her granddaughter is unacceptable.

“It’s very inappropriate, it’s not professional and it should never happen to a kid” said Batiste.

Batiste said, she was called to the school for what the Principal said was a violation of the uniform policy. Once there, she was made aware of something she never thought would have been an issue.

“She told me that was a safety problem and if it’s a safety issue, I assume that mean I would have to take them out of her hair. I told her, when she said it was a safety issue, she couldn’t show me anything, I told her I wasn’t taking them out of her head until she can show it to me and that’s what she says, she’s not allowed on my campus with those earrings.”

Batiste said, because of that decision, Khylee was forced to miss valuable learning time. In an email, West Baton Rouge Parish Superintendent Wes Watts said, “larger earrings are a safety issue.”  The emails went on to say, “there must have been a misunderstanding because beads are worn by many students in all of our schools.”

According to the dress code policy, students are not able to wear ornate nor cumbersome jewelry.

“They say quarter size earring, right? Quarter size, I doubt that this is even a dime” said Eugene Weatherspoon, Baton Rouge NAACP.

Batiste said, although she removed the earrings, if rules are in place it should be printed in the handbook.

“There’s rules and regulations for everything we do in life. If you don’t approve of the rule, the earrings make a rule, show me where it shouldn’t be in her ear.”

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