How To Save Money While Having Fun

If Amazon doesn't have a Whole Foods grocery near you, there are non-perishable groceries ( food that doesn't spoil) that Amazon can ship to you

The worst feeling is to go into the required textbook section of your syllabus and realize that you’re about to spend upwards of $300 on textbooks that you’ll only use for one semester. But there are many ways around spending an exorbitant amount of money on books. First of all, rent used if possible! Unless it’s a workbook, there is really no reason to buy a new book that costs so much more than the used version. At most college bookstores, they have the used version available, but if not, check out eBay and Amazon for a possible cheaper option (and do it ASAP, as many of the versions sell out). Before you settle on any version of the required reading, do your research, as most campus bookstores will price match. In addition, CampusBooks offer discounted prices on textbooks, as well as a buyback for the versions only available to buy at your University bookstore.

College Dorm and Apartment Cooking gadgets - if you change the sort settings on the Amazon page, it will show other items by price

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