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Get your college student “dorm room” ready with help from IKEA. Lesa Grant, IKEA Loyalty Manager, shares a few trendy ideas!

Storage Solutions: Everyone knows how important it is to maximize space in your dorm. With under-the-bed storage containers and tall, narrow shelving, you can maximize floor space and make the most out of the dorm room space. Plus, use decorative storage containers to store your items in style.

Study Space: Enjoy the hours spent studying with a personalized desk space. Add a comfortable desk chair and sleek set of drawers to make your space look and feel good. Use organizers to keep your desktop clear and clutter free, giving yourself a clean space to focus.

Entertaining: Ensure you have extra seating for late-night study sessions and dorm room hang outs. Foldable chairs and extra pillows will make your room an inviting, comfortable space to hang out with new friends.

Décor: Show off your personality in your new home. Cover your bed in your favorite colored comforter with expressive pillows to match, and deck out your walls with fun posters and picture frames. Decorate your dorm room with everything that makes you, you!

Brighten Up: Set the lighting in your dorm room for all occasions. Bright desk lamps are perfect for late-night studies, while string lights are perfect mood-lighting for hanging out and relaxing with friends.

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