Expect eBay to get a big deal for Stubhub

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eBay: “I think eBay’s going to have a good quarter. I genuienely think that what’s going to happen is that they’re going to be able to sell Stubhub and get a much bigger price than anybody thinks. I want you to stay on it.”

Funko: “Funko [had] an unbelievable quarter and yet the stock didn’t go up. I don’t know. If you get a couple more unbelievable quarters and it doesn’t go up, I’m going to have to tell you to cut and run.”

PayPal: “I think PayPal’s come down a great deal from the top, but I’ll tell you the truth: I like MasterCard more … You’re not going to go wrong with PayPal, though … If you can get it in the $90s, that’ll be a home run.”

Carnival Corp: “I don’t know why it continues to go down, but I do like Royal Caribbean more, to be honest. I think they’re doing better, and Norwegian better, too. “

Hain Celestial: “I can’t recommend Hain. … I have absolutely no catalyst whatsoever. I just don’t. I mean I would rather tell you that food group is very, very tough right now. Kellogg is better. “

FactSet: “Wow. Good, really good. Very smart company. … These are great fintech companies that we like.”

Chegg: “We told people to buy the stock and we’re sticking by [CEO] Dan [Rosensweig] the whole way. What a great quarter he had.”

Zynga: “I don’t know what’s going to get it to go higher from here. I don’t see any earnings momentum. Why not buy Take-Two, even up $10. I’m not kidding. Take-Two has got a road map. That’s the one I want. “

Electronic Arts: “Electronic Arts is good, but Take-Two is great. … TTWO has earnings momentum. Electronic Arts just had an O.K. quarter.”

Citigroup: “I think you have to buy the stock. I just think you have to. Put it away, 3% yield, too. You’re in good shape.”

General Electric: “That’s a pain-try stock. I’d rather own Sherwin-Williams. And no offense to [CEO] Larry [Culp], he’s doing a great job. “

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