Excellence For Your Dorm Room – $180 TCL Roku TV

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Lots of college students stream shows on their computers and phones.  Cheap flat screen tv’s are about $100 on sale, or ~$125 on Amazon for 32 inch or under $200 for 40 inch smart tv.

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If you’re heading back to college later this month, you may want to get a TV to go in your dorm room (or your apartment). And this 40-inch TCL Roku TV is the perfect TV for that purpose. Right now, it is down to just $179, that’s just $20 off of its regular price. However the regular price was already a steal.

This TV from TCL is a really good one to pick up. And while a 40-inch TV might sound very large for a dorm room, it really isn’t. Especially since the TV is basically flat, it doesn’t take up as much room as you might think.

It’s a Roku TV from TCL, which means that you’re going to have a ton of content to stream on this TV, without having to buy a set-top box for your new TV. Roku has over half a million movies and TV shows available. All of the big name apps are also there. That includes Netflix, Hulu Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, Google Play Movies & TV, WWE Network and much more.

Roku even has its own free channel, that is ad-supported, and has a ton of great movies and TV shows available. And as a college student, “free” is a word you’re likely in love with.

This is a really great TV to pick up. Whether you’re looking to add it to your dorm room, or even into a second bedroom in your home. At 40-inches, it’s big but not too big. It is a 1080p TV, which is what you’d expect for this price, 4K would likely be another hundred bucks or more for this size.

You can pick up the 40-inch TCL Roku 1080p TV from Amazon by clicking here. Remember, that this one won’t be around for long, so you’d better get it before it’s gone.

TCL 40-inch Roku TV – Amazon – $179

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