Day 25 and 26 – Family time: A first-hand account of studying abroad | Opinion

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Emma Carter (left) and Amy Carter sit at lunch on their first day in England.

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Catherine Carter (left) and Emma Carter stand pose behind a banner at Oriel College.

Hello Huskies! Today has been fantastic! I got a visit from one-half of the Carter fam! My mom and one of my sisters arrived in Oxford today and I have enjoyed showing them around. They arrived at the bus station and I impressed them with my newfound navigational skills in getting us to their hotel (I mentioned earlier I’m very directionally challenged, haha.) On the way, I was able to show them the college where I’m studying and we took some pictures inside. Since they arrived around dinner time, the first thing we did was get food. We found a nearby pizza place and spent the evening catching up. I’ve really missed seeing them over the past 3.5 weeks so it was awesome to spend time with them, even if it’s just for a couple days. I have some fun things planned for them tomorrow that I’m looking forward to sharing with them and you!

Hey NIU! I told you I have some fun things planned for my mom and sister, and I hope you enjoy hearing about them too! First I showed them my dorm room (luckily I had cleaned it before my mom got there!) and then we walked to the college, where I showed them around. I showed them all three quads, the dining hall and my classroom. Here is a picture of me and Emma standing in front of the college entrance. Then I took them to a matinee show of… you guessed it! Wuthering Heights! Unfortunately, it rained during the performance so they didn’t have the most comfortable show, but the cast was yet again exceptional! They were also incredibly nice! I was able to meet them after the show and take some pictures. It was definitely the highlight of my trip! I mean, seeing the play with my family was the highlight of my trip. After the show, they headed off to London and I enjoyed some dinner with friends.

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