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Whether you’re moving back in or this is your first time around, moving into a dorm is no joke. You’ve got your car packed from top to bottom with everything ready to move into a teeny-tiny little box for the year. While bedding, school supplies, and clothes are all important, you can’t forget about food! Sure, you probably have some sort of meal plan set up for on-campus dining, but college is crazy. Sometimes you don’t even have time to leave your room to eat, so it’s really important to keep some gadgets and appliances in your dorm. (You may have to whip something up to inhale on your way to class or sustain yourself during an all-nighter.) Here are 11 must-haves for food and drink prep in your dorm.

David’s Tea Matcha Maker, $35 at Amazon

David’s Tea

I get that coffee in college is an absolute must, so you probably have a Keurig or some kind of coffee maker on your shopping list. I drank a TON of coffee, so I kept K-cups under my bed like ammo in a military bunker. But halfway through college, I found that matcha is actually a really healthy substitute for coffee (and another source of natural energy!), so I wish I had known about  this David’s Tea matcha maker. It’s cute, affordable, and more compact than a coffee maker (Hey, anything to save space, right?).Buy Now

Margarita Machine, $46.46 on Amazon


This is NOT to condone underage drinking or drinking in dorms that do not allow alcohol, but I was lucky enough to live in a “wet” suite my senior year of college (meaning all of my roommates were over 21 and the building allowed alcohol). We invested in one of these margarita machines for special occasions like surviving midterms, getting our caps and gowns, or going a full week without a mental breakdown in the library.Buy Now

Cereal Containers, 4 for $23.99 on Amazon


I used to live on cereal in college; I ate it every day for breakfast just to save time and swipes on my meal plan. You may not think cereal will be as much of a lifesaver as it is, but trust me, I ate it so much in college that I’ve been out of school for over a year and STILL can’t bring myself to eat it anymore. As a college student, you’re all about not having to spend a single cent on anything, so you should invest in these plastic cereal containers. If you put cereal—or any dry food, really—into these containers instead of just keeping them in the box, it lasts much longer before going stale. The longer your food lasts, the less you have to spend on replacing it!Buy Now

Quesadilla Maker, $23.99 on Amazon


One of the most frequent questions you’ll ask yourself in college is, “Wait, do I even have time to eat?” It’s sad, but it’s the truth. You’ll need appliances that will help you prepare food in no time so that you don’t starve if you’re running late to class or an internship or wherever you need to be. This quesadilla maker is cheap and perfect for a quick and easy lunch! And there’s really no shame in being the person who runs around campus frantically shoving a quesadilla in your face. We’ve all been there.Buy Now

Ramen Cookers, 2 for $11.93 on Amazon


If I could go back in time and change one single thing in this world, I’d give my incoming freshman self 18 of these ramen noodle cookers. Not only are they adorable, but they cook ramen—the official food of the college student—quickly with room for any ingredients you may want to add in!

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Buy Now

Adjustable 4-Shelf Storage Unit, $42.56 on Amazon

adjustable storage shelf unit


Remember how I described a dorm as a teeny-tiny little box? There was exactly zero exaggeration in that statement. A dorm room really is a box, and you’re going to need to get smart and creative with how you use the little space you have. Luckily, this shelving unit is perfect for all your food and drink needs. You can move the shelves up or down in one-inch increments without any tools required—which means you can quickly configure them to put a mini fridge underneath, snacks on the middle shelves, and a microwave on top. Voila! All your food is in one place and you used the minimal amount of space. (That’s adulting.)Buy Now

Cap-Collecting Bottle Opener, $10.99 on Amazon


This bottle opener is the single coolest thing in the world. So, you’ll host a few parties, have a few drinks, and with this bottle opener, you won’t have to worry about finding bottle caps all over your floor for weeks after your party. The cap falls right into a case attached to the bottle opener!Buy Now

3-Piece Microwavable Cookware Set, $12.99 on Amazon

microwave cookware


When you move into your dorm, get acquainted with your microwave. It’ll be your very best friend for four years. I’m not kidding; 90 percent of my meals were microwavable. If you cook for yourself or have leftovers, you want to make sure you don’t burn the dorm to the ground, so get yourself this reusable and microwavable cookware. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.Buy Now

Water Bottle with Fruit Infuser, $17.95


I don’t know if people are still drinking fruit-infused water, but I am, so this is important. A reusable water bottle is definitely a smart thing to have in your dorm; why keep buying water bottles when you can run tap water through a filter for free? And with this water bottle, you can add lemons, berries, or whatever your heart desires to your H2O.

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3-in-1 Breakfast Station, $69.99 on Amazon


This breakfast station is the ultimate space saver. It’s a coffee maker, griddle, and toaster oven all in one! Seriously, someone introduce me to whoever came up with this. I need to shake their hand.Buy Now

12-Piece Plastic Dinnerware Set, $12.99 on Amazon


College is all about practicality. You really can’t afford to be breaking plates and glasses left and right and having to replace them. So invest in some sturdy plastic dinnerware. Speaking from experience, it’s so much easier to clean, and they come in a lot of cute colors and designs.Buy Now

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