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CLEMSON, S.C. — The tattoo wrapped around the left biceps of James Skalski, the Clemson redshirt junior linebacker, comes from something his father would always tell him.

The words are also at the top of his Instagram bio.

He thinks about them often.

“It says, ‘War like the warrior you are,’” Skalski said this week, dripping in sweat after another gritty preseason Clemson practice.

“I got it for him.”

A constant reminder.

The father-son duo bonded over many things before John Skalski died suddenly of a heart attack in October 2016, James’ freshman season at Clemson. They’d laugh together. They’d crush some late night snacks together. And they’d talk football.

Whenever the latter would come up, one theme always stood out.

“My dad was always like, ‘Be aggressive,’” Skalski said. “I don’t know — I think it kind of comes natural to some people, too.”

If only John could see…

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