Best Healthy Snacks For College Students

If Amazon doesn't have a Whole Foods grocery near you, there are non-perishable groceries ( food that doesn't spoil) that Amazon can ship to you

Picture this: It’s late, every shop is closed, you’ve still got mountains of work to do, and your stomach starts to grumble. Yes, you could order some delivery pizza, but it’s usually too expensive and not really what you want. Pizza won’t keep you full and focused. In fact, it’ll probably make you go to sleep. Or, how about if you sleep too late and the dining hall is closed for breakfast (been there). You need an arsenal of healthy snacks to get you through long lectures and late-night study sessions, and that’s where we come in. You can order these 12 picks on Amazon, and whether you love salty or sweet, you’re going to want to munch on every single one of these options.

Some of our staples? Popcorn, tortilla chips, and protein bars all make the list, as do gummy bears and chocolate. None of these picks need to be refrigerated, which means they can all be kept in your dorm room worry free. Lots of these picks have a high protein content, because protein will give you long-lasting energy. Others are picks we know will make you and your taste buds so happy. We recommend hiding your new snacks from your roommate; they’ll definitely be sneaking a few!

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