Best Burrito Tips and Recipes

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vegetarian black bean breakfast burritos

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Burritos are perfect back-to-school food. Easy to assemble, protein-packed and hand-held for those on the go moments. Check out these burrito hacks and recipes to keep your Mexican wrap routine exciting all semester long.

It’s that dreaded time of year for many of us—back to school. Sure, it means sweater-weather and new school supplies, but it also means bidding adieu to the dog days of summer and a lot of our free time.

Plus, we come home honnngraaay from class with very little time to throw together a real dinner. Oh, and we need to pack something for lunch between classes AND grab breakfast on the go. Sound overwhelming? Well, when you’ve had a few days in a row of $12 so-so salads purchased at the place on the corner and inhaled without pleasure, or chips and salsa for dinner…again…while catching up on “Mr. Robot,” we are here to help you hack.

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Pick a night, set aside an hour or so, and bookmark this page for some serious freezer burrito tips that will get you set for the return of homework and group project hell. They’re easy, they’re quick, and they’ll save your student budget for things that really matter. Like beers. (If you’re a parent of a younger child, your non-beer-drinking kids will love these too!)

Things to remember for a perfect burrito

1. Temperature – make sure your tortillas and your ingredients are all roughly room temperature. This way, the tortilla won’t crack in the middle (ugh major leak fail) and the ingredients won’t steam up the lovely burrito you just assembled, thereby creating a soggy mess.

2. Sog factor—to ensure a delicious burrito upon defrosting or reheating, skip the soggers—that means guac, sour cream, and sauces. Don’t worry—we’re not here to deny you of these earthly pleasures, just keep them on the side! This way, you’ll have a great base-level burrito with a few clutch condiments added upon unwrap to prevent burrito soup.

3. Wrap it like you mean it—a tight tortilla wrap is your friend. Then wrap it tightly again with plastic wrap and foil before freezing. Wrap it like those girls on Instagram wrap their bellies.

4. Size matters—a smaller burrito will reheat faster, which is an important factor when considering these for a quick breakfast. Think supermarket freezer aisle burrito size, not Mission-style burrito proportions.

Burrito recipes

The beauty of a burrito is how many flavors you can incorporate keeping it fresh and new. Experiment with some of your favorite ingredients or check out some great burrito recipes below.

Chorizo Breakfast Burrito


This classic recipe scales up beautifully – go ahead, make 10 of them. Toss them in the freezer and you will actually be excited to get out of bed.  Pop it in the microwave while you’re getting dressed and you’ve got the ideal commuting breakfast with a kick. Get our Chorizo Breakfast Burrito recipe.

Chicken, Bean, and Cheese Budget Burritos

It doesn’t get easier or cheaper (student loans, wheeee!) than these freezer flavor bombs. Save the $9 from that impulse burrito and make these babies instead. Get the Chicken Bean and Cheese Burrito recipe.

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Vegetarian Black Bean Burrito

vegetarian black bean breakfast burritos


Meatless Monday morning just got better with this vegetarian breakfast burrito. You won’t miss the meat because the roasted poblanos pack heat and the scrambled eggs bring the protein. Trust us, you’ll be full well past lunch. Get our Vegetarian Black Bean Burrito recipe.

Bean and Quinoa Freezer Burritos

One of the best times to make freezer burritos is when you have seemingly random leftovers. Corn salad? Roasted squash or sweet quinoa? End of summer and early fall produce are perfect to throw into a couple of freezer burritos. Future you will thank you. Get the Bean and Quinoa Freezer Buritto recipe.

Carnitas Carnitas Carnitas (with Negro Modelo)

how to make carnitas


You’ve made it this far, I trust you’re on board. This is not a burrito recipe. You’re beyond that. This is a recipe for the best damn carnitas you’ll make from one badass San Francisco chef. With beer in them. Make these carnitas, pop them into a few freezer burritos, and your friends will be trying to trade you their artisanal snack pack for this lunch win. Pro tip: Skip the guac and go easy on the salsa verde for your freezer version. Get our Carnitas recipe.

The Old School (Freezer Burritos)

Taco Tuesday of your youth? Crunchy shells, a packet of seasoning, maybe some queso? Makes you want to hit a late-night fast-food chain after your homework (read: happy hour) is done? This is the one to keep on hand. Simple. Unpretentious. Scarfed. Get the Freezer Burttois recipe.

Slow Cooker Chicken for Tacos or Burritos

Easy Slow Cooker Chicken Mole recipe


With just a handful of ingredients and tons of flavor, ou put it in the slow cooker. It is impossible to mess this up. Make this meat, place into a burrito, wrap and freeze. SEND. Get our Slow Cooker Chicken Tacos recipe.

Heartburn-free Middle Eastern Burrito

You made it this far! You love burritos! But maybe you’re craving something outside the standard Mexican-based fare. Try this incredible lentil and rice burrito (lentils have LOADS of protein and iron!) for a new twist on your freezer staples. Seriously just make these. Get the Middle-Eastern Burritos recipe here.

Carnitas-Avocado Breakfast Burrito


Despite their name, these satisfying burritos can and should be eaten any time of day or night. Get our Carnitas-Avocado Burrito recipe.

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