Best Bed Bath and Beyond Dorm Furniture

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Packing for college doesn’t solely consist of clothes and school supplies, but dorm furniture as well, and Bed Bath & Beyond is about to be your one-stop shop for small-space pieces with lots of storage. The affordable retailer sells multifunctional furniture, trendy chairs, and nifty storage containers, and, yes, I made sure to have it all throughout my undergrad days. It’s easy to put furniture last on the long list of back-to-school to-dos, but how you furnish your dorm dictates your comfort, style, and overall happiness. At the end of the day, we all want our small dormitories to feel like home, and if extra furniture can do that, then it deserves a high priority on your university checklist. Find our favorite Bed Bath & Beyond picks to snag before move-in day ahead!

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