Bed Bath and Beyond is trying to save itself from extinction

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Not long ago, Bed Bath and Beyond was a go-to spot for home goods, but its troubles over the last few years have left investors wondering whether the retailer still has a future and what that will look like. 

Recently shaken up by a trio of activist investment groups, the company has revamped its board and is searching for a new CEO. It is also taking a number of steps to stabilize sales, cut costs, review its portfolio, and cut its workforce.

The investor group, made up of Legion Partners, Macellum Capital Management and Ancora Advisors, has said the company can right itself and restore value to shareholders with new leadership and by bringing the company in line with the best practices already seen in other more successful retailers.

The list is long, but suggested fixes include reducing the clutter in Bed Bath and Beyond stores, which customers currently find confusing, messy and tough to shop. It also involves buying products directly from overseas manufacturers, rather than the U.S.-based middlemen Bed Bath and Beyond sources most of its products from.

Bed Bath and Beyond still has a reason to exist, say many analysts who follow the company. But it still has a long road ahead of it.

Over the last 12 months, shares of the company have fallen more than 50%. Things have not improved since the activists got involved. Shares fell from a closing price of $16.92 on March 26, when the group announced its stake, to a closing price of $9.00 on Aug. 1. Bed Bath and Beyond has a market cap of $1.1 billion. 

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