Back-To-School Deals On Macbooks, Chromebooks And Other Laptops

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Saving money is the name of the game when it comes to back-to-school shopping for the college-bound student. After all, you’re spending most of your hard-earned cash on tuition. There are a lot of ways students can cut corners to save a little cash, but there are some pricier items ― like a good laptop ― they can’t do really without.

Fortunately, there are ways to get one of these devices for cheap. Refurbished and discounted options, for example, can save college students hundreds of dollars on a device. For those on the hunt for a cheap ― but still highly functional ― computer, we’ve found five budget-friendly option below.

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A Chromebook is an ideal choice for college students: It’s lightweight, compact, and can keep up with your day-to-day computing needs like writing papers in Google Docs or streaming Netflix shows ― not to mention it also happens to be very affordable. This refurbished Samsung Chromebook, for instance, is just $99.

Samsung Chromebook 11.6″ 16GB (Refurbished) – $99.99

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Thanks to this certified-refurbished MacBook Air, you won’t need tons of extra cash in your back pocket in order to own an Apple device. This premium-grade computer (now $725) comes with 256GB of storage, which is all the space ― and then some ― that a typical college student would need. You can save 34% and get it for just $725.

Apple MacBook Air 11″ 256GB SSD (Certified Refurbished) – $725

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This pint-sized computer replaces the need for a bulky desktop tower PC. For just $160, you’ll have enough speed and RAM to tackle your day-to-day tasks.

Another pocket PC that tops our list comes from Ockel. This device is powered by an Intel processor, features 4GB of RAM and has high-speed, built-in WiFI. Plus its compact design means you can ditch the large PC tower in your dorm room ― and we all know how precious dorm room real estate is. You can save over 25% and get this pocket PC for just $249.

Ockel Sirius B Windows 10 32GB Pocket PC – $249

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The most affordable Chromebook on our list is Lenovo’s N21, a refurbished, powerful device that allows students to take notes during hours-long lectures and stream video content with ease. Plus its durable design can take daily wear and tear like a champ. You can save 84% on this Lenovo Chromebook and get it for just $90 today.

Lenovo N21 11″ Chromebook 2.1GHz, 4GB RAM, 16GB Drive (Refurbished) – $89.99

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This article was written by Banu Ibrahim on behalf of HuffPost Finds.

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