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(StatePoint) – Before the semester begins, be sure you have all the essentials you need to live your best campus life.

Here are some top picks for a fresh start to fall:

Packing up: Consider the bag you will carry with you every day. A backpack is the best way to ensure that you’re distributing weight equally between shoulders, but you’ll likely want to upgrade your high school look.

The right bag can handle heavy loads, is waterproof and ergonomic, features safe electronic device storage and even offers such perks as a USB charging port on its exterior.

Take note: When heading to class or a study session, consider leaving the laptop and notebooks at home and traveling lighter. Download the latest notetaking apps to your tablet, which combine the simplicity and versatility of paper and pen with the organizational and sharable convenience of digital.

Keeping time: A timepiece is not only a sophisticated way to make a style statement, you may find it quite vital during class, when other devices should be put away. Go for a classic look that will carry you between dates, the dining hall, the library and anywhere else your collegiate schedule takes you.

Rocking Out: Start a band, jam out with friends or just go solo with an instrument perfectly designed for campus living.

Entertaining: Space may be tight in college dorms and apartments, but you can still create a mini home theater that makes you the official host of movie nights, gaming nights, sports spectating and more.

Gear up with the latest essentials and head back to campus with confidence.

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