Alumni Moms & Class of 2023 Daughters Move Into the Newly Renovated Quad Dorm

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WASHINGTON – The Class of 2023 has arrived to Howard University, and the new ladies of the Harriet Tubman Quadrangle, affectionately known as “The Quad,” have settled into their newly renovated dormitory. The Quad is a set of five of the oldest dorms on campus, named Baldwin, Crandall, Frazier, Truth and Wheatley. When students arrived this weekend, they were privy to newly renovated rooms with upgraded furnishings and finishes.

 “I’m really excited to be here. My room is gorgeous! I wasn’t expecting it to look like this, but its brand new. I’m excited to be a freshman at Howard,” said KenaMaat Ankhmeni, who arrived from one of the top state locations of the freshman class, New York.

“I choose Howard University for many reasons. Among other things, I love the rigorous yet fun atmosphere, the variety of ambitious and driven people, and the culture of the college. I feel as though I can reach my highest potential while attending this college and have fun along the way,” said KenaMaat.

“Additionally, my mother and her closest friends have been encouraging me to attend their alma mater my whole life. At first, I didn’t want to follow in their footsteps, but I grew to love the college.” KenaMaat plans to study physics and mechanical engineering, due to encouragement from her uncle and the coursework from high school.

For KenaMaat’s mother and alumna, N’Maat Ankhmeni ‘89, as well as other alumni mothers, they noticed improvements, such as upgrades to bathrooms, the bedrooms and more that were needed. This was also a nostalgic moment for them too.

“I lived in the Quad my freshman year, August 1985 to May 1986 and I had a wonderful time too. I lived in Frasier Hall and my daughter will now,” said N’Maat. “I remember the women from my floor who were from different parts of the country. I remember how we would pool our food and have a meal together as well.”

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