Advice from an RA on how to help new college freshman succeed

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TAMPA, Fla. — As college freshman get ready to move into the dorms and away from home for the first time, parents are obviously going to be worried. 

Moving into a dorm is a big step for new college students. For many, it’s their first taste of independence. But, listen up moms and dads, here are some ideas that can help you help them succeed.

Kayla Homesy is a long-time Resident Assistant at the University of South Florida. She says incoming freshman should brush up on the rules of the dorm.

“Definitely what the housing policies are for the university when looking at those housing policies — that’s when you can tell what to bring and what not to bring,” she said.

Also, keep the family heirlooms and expensive items at home.

“They can be very valuable, and if they break in the residential hall then it’s, unfortunately, a bad situation,” Homesy said.

Stay informed by following the University’s social media sites. Also, get yourself and your student signed up to the university-wide messenger system like AlertUSF

“We actually have here at USF a system called MoBull,” Homesy said. “If there’s anything going on on campus and if it’s like not only an emergency but when there are events going on, (students) can be notified via text or email if that’s preferred.”

And finally, on move in day, you and your kid need to take the time to find and meet the Resident Assistant. 

“Talk to your RA. As cheesy as it is, they are the one person who will always be there for you and will always make sure that you are in a residential hall in a community where you feel safe and that you are welcome and that you are ready to have a successful time here at USF,” Homesy said.

So with just a few small steps, parents can be a lot more informed and comfortable leaving their son or daughter without infringing too much on their newfound independence.

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