9 easy ways to lower your cell phone bill

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Are you ready to lower your cell phone bill? Unlimited plans from the Big 4 wireless providers cost around $80 a month, so millions of Americans are spending around $1,000 a year or even more just for cell phone service.

That’s a lot of money, but the good news is that there are opportunities to save hundreds of dollars every year!

Paying too much for cell phone service? Here’s how to save money

In this article, we’ll share nine ways to save money on your cell phone bill. Apply one or more of our tips and you may be able to cut your monthly bill in half! Let’s get started…

  1. Switch to a new cell phone carrier
  2. Find a new plan with your existing provider
  3. Shop for phone deals
  4. Keep your phone longer
  5. Join a family plan
  6. Sign up for auto-pay
  7. See if you qualify for a special discount
  8. Buy a phone case
  9. Get free cell phone insurance

1. Switch to a new cell phone carrier

Verizon and AT&T’s unlimited wireless plans are the most expensive, but they’re so popular because customers are happy with the network coverage.

Here’s the deal: The Big 4 cell phone providers (Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint) own discount brands that use the same towers and charge lower monthly fees:

  • Verizon owns Visible
  • AT&T owns Cricket Wireless
  • T-Mobile owns Metro by T-Mobile
  • Sprint owns Boost Mobile

The Big 4 also have relationships with many other low-cost cell phone providers, typically prepaid carriers.

These companies are called mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs). They don’t own any cell phone towers like Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint, but they partner with those companies to offer affordable wireless service.

Some MVNOs have cheap phone plans that start at $10 per month. See Team Clark’s guide to find the best cell phone plans and deals!

2. Find a new plan with your existing provider 

Not interested in switching cell phone providers? You can still save money by considering other plan options.

The major cell phone companies have shifted toward unlimited data plans, but do you really use that much data? With most people connected to Wi-Fi at home and work, you may be using less cellular data than you realize.

Track your usage and check to see if you could save money with a plan that has a fixed amount of data per month.

3. Shop for phone deals 

If you think your cell phone carrier always has the best deals on new phones, think again!

Our ClarkDeals.com experts find great used phone prices on eBay. They look for sellers who have a 98% or above positive feedback score, plus phones with a warranty and decent return policy.

You’ll typically find more deals if you wait a few weeks or even a month after a new phone model is released.

And if the phone you’re getting rid of is worth anything, you may be able to get a discount or cash back for trading it in. Here’s a list of websites that will pay you for your old electronics.

4. Keep your phone longer

High-end cell phones from Apple, Samsung and other manufacturers can easily last a few years, so resist the temptation to upgrade every time a new version of the phone comes out.

If your phone is working great and you’re happy with it, don’t rush into a new device payment. Keep using it!

5. Join a family plan 

Family plans are cheaper per phone line than buying service on your own. Discount carriers like Cricket and Metro by T-Mobile have offered four lines of unlimited cell phone service for $100 a month — just $25 a month per line.

The only downside with a family plan is that when someone wants to switch, they may be reluctant to split from the family plan.

6. Sign up for auto-pay

Putting your cell phone bill on auto-pay is perhaps the easiest way to save money. When you sign up for auto-pay with a postpaid carrier (often called auto-refill with prepaid carriers), you can usually get a $5 monthly discount.

Money expert Clark Howard suggests that you use auto-pay with your credit card, not a checking account or debit card.

7. See if you qualify for a special discount 

Have you checked to see if you qualify for additional discounts? The Big 4 wireless providers may offer special deals for members of the military, teachers and seniors. There may also be discounts through your employer.

With the T-Mobile Unlimited 55+ plan, customers 55 and older can get two lines for $70 a month — a big savings!

8. Buy a phone case 

Purchasing a phone case is a smart move to protect your phone from damage, but buying a phone case from one of the major cell phone providers is damaging to your wallet!

Those cases can cost up to $50, but you can find a comparable phone case on Amazon or eBay for $5 to $15.

9. Get free cell phone insurance 

For years, Clark has encouraged people to ignore the cell phone insurance sales pitch. The mobile phone protection that the carriers sell can cost up to $10 a month per device.

Instead, get the coverage for free by using a credit card to pay your cell phone bill.

Not all credit cards pay to replace your stolen or damaged cell phone, but free cell phone insurance is offered on more than a dozen cards. We have a list of them here.

Keep in mind that you must pay your monthly cell phone bill with the credit card to receive the mobile phone protection benefit.

Final thought

Switching providers and waiting for phone deals are the two tips that will save you the most on your wireless bill over time.

If you’re able to cut your monthly cell phone bill from $80 to $40 per month, that saves $480 a year! Keep it up for 10 years and you’ll have nearly $5,000 to budget for other expenses.

What steps have you taken to lower your cell phone bill? Share your #1 tip in the comments below!

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