5 Tips For Dorm Living If You Like Your Space & Alone Time

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Every semester, my roommates and I posted our schedules on a wall in our dorm room. It was our way of letting each other know when we were in class, at meetings for extracurriculars, or going to be “home.” It was also a great reference point when you wanted to know when you’d have some space to yourself, and when you’d be sharing the couch with your besties.

We’d all chill together and write down our weekly plans for Monday through Friday. We’d watch Friends, Parks and Recreation, or a show on Food Network while we did it. It brought us closer, while also establishing that we each really needed and wanted some “me time.”

Truth is, you’re not alone in your feelings one bit, and your roommates likely want some time to themselves, too. So, get into this habit and make your living situation so ideal.

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