28 Captions For Dorm Room Selfies, Because You’re In Love With College Life

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In a few short weeks, you’re going to put your clothes in a bunch of bins and suitcases, pack up your car, and head to your favorite place on the planet: college. The mornings you get to spend sipping your iced coffee, relaxing in your loft bed, and helping your roommate pick out her outfit for the day are always so dreamy. Not to mention, the lighting is very ideal for taking selfies before heading to the science building. Can I give you some captions for dorm room selfies before you hop on the highway and start doing this sweet thing called college?

I was once in your shoes, and would love to relive those days of walking around the quad with my headphones on and waving to my BFFs. Sure, I didn’t adore sitting through math at 8 a.m, eating the questionable food from the dining hall, or sharing a room for the first time. I did leave my college experience with lots of amazing memories and moments in the back of my mind, though. I’ll never forget the table I used to study at in the communications building, and getting ready for a Friday night out while “All Star” by Smash Mouth played in the background.

I’ll also never forget the times I had to rush to class because I was taking selfies in my dorm room. I loved the outfit I was wearing, or the way my eyeliner came out so even and perfectly winged, and had to capture it for the ‘Gram. When my professor asked why I was late again, I would make excuses like, “My alarm didn’t go off” or, “The shuttle took longer than expected.” (Oops.)

You might have a similar experience this semester, which is why you’re in need of some captions for dorm room selfies. Lucky for you, I have a bunch you can use that’ll show your followers you’re crushing this sweet thing called college.

Jesse Morrow/Stocksy

1. “Nothing a dorm room selfie can’t fix.”

2. “I really love coffee and being in college.”

3. “Vibin’ and thrivin’ in my dorm room.”

4. “What, like it’s hard?” — Elle Woods, Legally Blonde

5. “Just wing it. College, eyeliner, everything.”

6. “Chilling in my dorm room. Doughnut kill my vibe.”

7. “Dear, college degree. Why are you playing so hard to get?”

8. “Alexa, can you go to class for me?”

9. “Babe, you’ve freaking got this.”

10. “Is it time to take a nap yet?”

11. “You did not wake up today to be mediocre.”

12. “Be the badass you were too lazy to be yesterday.”

13. “Stress doesn’t really go with my outfit.”

14. “This selfie is the reason why I was late to class.”

15. “Today’s schedule: coffee, class, and college selfies.”

16. “My dorm room is lit fam.”

17. “Messy bun and getting stuff done.”

18. “Peace, love, and lots of college selfies.”

19. “Just wanna take selfies instead of going to my 8 a.m.”

20. “Doing this sweet thing called college.”

21. “The more neon signs and mirrors the merrier.”

22. “Taking selfies is all fun and games until you have to do adult things.”

Studio Firma/Stocksy

23. “If there’s one thing I’m willing to bet on, it’s myself.” — Beyoncé

24. “I’ve got sunshine, my backpack, and good feelings.”

25. “Be groovy or leave the campus, man.”

26. “That college glow, though.”

27. “Make yourself proud.”

28. “Confidence level: dorm room selfie with no filter.”

Did you find a few captions you like? Odds are, you’re going to need more than one, because this semester you’re going to fill your camera roll with a bunch of dorm room selfies. You’re going to take pics at every angle of your cute outfits for class and your brightly-colored eyeliner, and then edit them with the best preset packs of the season. Let me know when you hit the “share” button so I can throw you a like, OK?

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