10 Of The Best Affordable Hostels in Tokyo

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Planning a trip to Tokyo is both thrilling and daunting. There are numerous different boroughs in the city of 14 million people. Incredible temples, fantastic food, and any form of entertainment you could think of all densely packed into one lively city. Catch sight of some awesome fashion in Harajuku, geek out in Akihabara, or get trashed in Shinjuku, your list of things to do in Tokyo never ceases to end. While there are neverending suggestions of what to see or do in Tokyo, it all comes with a price.

Tokyo is by no means a cheap place to visit. Of course, there are some fairly affordable places to get an impressive bowl of ramen or Japanese curry. If you want that true and unique experience of all the quirks Japan offers, you’ll have to pinch some pennies somewhere. Booking accommodations for travel is a chore, and for a city like Japan, it can also be expensive. Most people want the best bang for their buck. If you’re on a budget but still looking for a nice stay, we’ve made your life simple by compiling a list of the best affordable hostels in Tokyo.

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10 Space Hostel

If you’re looking for a nice and quiet area yet, still accessible to most popular attractions, then Space Hostel is perfect. This hostel is right by Iriya Station and just one stop away from Ueno.

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Space Hostel has been praised by many travelers for its wholesome and clean atmosphere. It’s a great hostel to meet other travelers as they have a common room to socialize, but also private bunks if you want your privacy.

9 Grids Tokyo Akihabara Hotel & Hostel

Most hostels in Tokyo have rooms that run on the smaller end for obvious reasons. In a city this heavily populated, you have to save space where you can. It’s rare to come across a hostel that offers a spacious place to stay. But Grids Akihabara has exactly that; clean and spacious rooms to bunk in and the prices start around $58 USD a night.

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For quality and ample space this size, it’s definitely a steal. Being located in Akihabara is a huge advantage. The neighborhood is known to be famed for all kinds of shops dedicated to selling electronics, anime, manga and video games.

8 Kaisu Hostel

A gem in the middle of Asakusa. It used to be a traditional Japanese restaurant with performances from geishas now converted into a hostel. The location is prime, as it is in the dead center of Tokyo making travelling the city simple.

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The area itself also has an old school Tokyo vibe with a road that is lined with stalls selling all kinds of goods. Visitors will be able to find this shopping street easily, as once the Sensoji Temple has been spotted, you’ll see the slew of shops right behind it.

7 Mustard Hotel Asakusa

This brand new hostel was built earlier this year and has already made its mark in the Asakusa area. Each floor is immaculate with bright white halls and comfortable beds. The hostel itself is only 5 minutes away from Asakusa Station. The room prices start around $55 USD a night. The common area has a long wooden bench equipped with multiple tables, a perfect place for meeting new people. The most unique part of Mustard Hotel would be the sauna and sentō (a traditional communal bath). Kick off those shoes after a long day of travelling and soak those bones in a relaxing hot bath.

6 Book & Bed

All of you bookworms can finally live out your dream of sleeping in a library at the hostel aptly named Book & Bed. There are a few locations scattered throughout Tokyo, which is a great indication of how popular this hostel is.

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The concept is great. Everyone wants a good relaxing night’s sleep when staying at a hostel. While the common space for shelves and shelves of books also has cubicle beds along the walls, you’d be surprised how quiet the hostel remains. The design is truly influential on visitors to maintain a quiet library-like atmosphere throughout the day.

5 Hostel Bedgasm

The name fits the hostel, full of quirky decor and a great nights sleep. Hostel Bedgasm is a smaller hostel with a small bar operating on the first floor. The perfect place to meet like minded travelers. The walls are covered in Polaroid photos of previous guests of the hostel, which really gives the place a wholesome friendly feel to it. There are floors dedicated by genders as well as a mixed gender dorm. The hostel even provides a great common space to eat and prepare food on the second floor. The area is also within a quick walk to Iriya Station and prices start at $36 a night. With hundreds of great reviews, its no wonder this hostel has a 9.5/10 rating.

4 Imano Ginza Tokyo Hostel

For being located in Shinjuku, this hostel still remains cozy and quiet. It’s close enough to all the major attractions but also far enough to avoid the craziness. The area itself is great, especially for nightlife.

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The streets are full of lively bars. For daytime activities, there’s ton in walking distance. The first floor has a bar where travelers can mingle. Each floor has a common area before sectioning off into the dorms. There are separate gendered dorms and even a room for travelling families. All for just about $50/night! There is even a hot tub.

3 Nui. Hostel and Bar

For an awesome place to meet new travelers and socialize, Nui. Hostel and Bar is the place to be. With a hostel that has the word ‘bar’ in its name, would you expect anything less? While it’s a bit of a distance from the clubbing districts, clubs are not really needed when the party is already on the first floor.

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There are great nearby places to check out like Akihabara and Ueno Park. The prices will vary depending on whether or not guests are looking for a shared dorm or a private room. Well equipped with great wifi, comfortable beds, even electric blankets! But keep in mind, at the moment this hostel only accepts cash.

2 Unplan Kagurazaka

Travelers and locals can link up in this impressive hostel. The first floor is a lounge/bar and cafe that is open to anyone, a hostel guest or any pedestrian walking by. Its open doors create a great opportunity to meet people while travelling. The hostel rooms itself are ,of course, private to guests only. It’s fantastic for budget travelers and even those who are looking to spend a little bit extra for a private room. The private rooms have terraces that offer a beautiful view of the Tokyo Skytree. The Kagurazaka area is also known for good eats and shopping. So wake up early and get that free breakfast that’s included during your stay or sleep-in the cozy pods before tackling the city.

1 Bunka Hostel

If you’re looking for the hotel vibe with a hostel price the Bunka Hostel is perfect for you. It’s incredibly clean and well maintained. It feels as though you are really staying in a hotel. There’s an izakaya (Japanese pub) on the main floor where guests can enjoy a drink or two. The menu offers reasonable prices for food and drinks. Even better, guests can still get a good nights sleep upstairs without worrying about the izakaya downstairs. There’s even a nice view of the Sensoji and Skytree from the hostel. Their reviews are great and have many guests saying they’ll definitely be returning!

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