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Check out our list before you pack your bags

Photo by Michael D. Spencer

Freshmen: It’s almost that time to pack up for your big move to BU. To help you prepare, we reached out to a number of Terrier upperclassmen and asked them for advice on dorm room essentials. So before you make that final trek to Target or Bed Bath & Beyond, etc., check out our list: you’ll be glad you did.

Gif showing a variety of power strip outlets

Sharing a room means you’re going to have a lot of electronics. Power strips and surge protectors help you get around the problem of limited outlets and will help protect your iPhones, computers, and other electrical devices.

Product photo of Felt bedside caddy by Kikkerland
Photo courtesy of Kikkerland

A bedside caddy keeps everything within arm’s reach. It’s ideal for storing books, laptops, water bottles, and snacks in one sturdy bedside holder.

Animated GIF of a desk fan with streamers tied to it blowing in the breeze.

The first few weeks of fall semester are guaranteed to be hot, and most freshman dorms aren’t air-conditioned. A fan will help you beat the heat.

Empty light blue plastic laundry basket sitting on a wood floor.
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The lighter the better, as you may have a long walk to the laundry room.

GIF of Jim Carrey with his fingers in his ear as earplugs

This may be one of the most important investments you make. A pair of really good noise-canceling headphones will be essential if you’ve got a roommate who snores or talks loudly on the phone.

Close up detail photo of a USB charging cable for a smartphone or ipod
Photo by Flickr contributor Tony Webster

The longer the better. Especially if you’re in the top bunk or have a loft bed.

Product shot of a black mesh showercaddy with toothbrush, flip flops and soap holder
Photo courtesy of Roomify.com

The easiest, neatest way for transporting all your toiletries down the hall to the bathroom.

a staggered stack of colorful area rugs, partly rolled up.
Photo by JackF/iStock

A nice area rug will make any dorm room feel homier. It can tie the space together, add a splash of color and texture, and keep your feet warm during those cold—and long—Boston winters.

A hand wipes a kitchen sink with a disinfecting wipe.
Photo courtesy of Flickr contributor United Soybean Board

You’ll want to keep your dorm fresh and clean. Make the job easier with the help of cleaning wipes. They also cut down on germs. Pick your favorite scent and clean regularly.

The Barnes & Noble bookstore opens in it's new location
Photo by Chloe Grinberg

OK, now that you’re officially a Terrier, an item or two from the BU Bookstore, Barnes & Noble @ BU, is just the thing to give your room that true college feel. Buy a BU coffee mug to store pens in on your desk or get a stuffed Rhett for your bed. A little BU flair will show your fellow Terriers how proud you are to be at Boston University.

Have ideas for other essentials? Add them in the Comment section below.

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