Why’s Grace (Bailee Madison) Leaving Good Witch?

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If you’re watching the Good Witch Season 5 finale, then you will get to see Grace graduating from high school and moving forward with her life. But you’ve probably also heard the unfortunate news that Bailee Madison, who portrays Grace, is leaving the show. Will she ever return? Why is such a big change happening on the Hallmark series?

Bailee Madison Is Moving on to New Opportunities as Her Character Moves on to College

Crown Media

Bailee Madison isn’t leaving because of any bad blood with the cast or crew. She’s simply leaving so she can move on to new opportunities, and the timing is perfect since Grace is graduating from high school and getting ready for college in the show.

This probably won’t be a permanent goodbye. Madison is no longer going to be a series regular, but her character’s not being killed off or anything that dramatic. So fans will more than likely enjoy some guest appearances by Grace in the future. She just won’t be in every episode anymore.

Madison certainly is still thankful for her experiences on Good Witch. She left a beautiful message on Instagram about her departure.

She wrote: “So grateful for 5 amazing seasons with Good Witch, the amazing cast and crew which have become like family and Hallmark Channel, who I’ve worked with since I was 11 years old. They say that life is like a beautiful book, and everyone’s story is unique to them. As one chapter ends, a new one begins which is even more exciting and unexpected than the previous one. Grace has been a character whose journey throughout the years has often mirrored my own and this season she is tackling what it’s like to step out of her comfort zone, valuing and standing up for her worth and challenging herself in new ways, looking boldly into the future and all the possibilities before her. I couldn’t be more grateful for the new adventures ahead, and to have you all along with me on the ride as my story continues to be written, it’s a thrilling one.” 

Even her own Instagram post indicates that Grace’s story isn’t completely over. We won’t be seeing Madison that often, but she’s still thankful for the show and all her experiences there.

When her departure was announced, Michelle Vicary, EVP Programming & Publicity at Crown Media Family Networks, told Deadline: “Bailee Madison will always be a beloved member of the Hallmark family.”

Catherine Bell wrote a touching tribute to Madison on Instagram.

She wrote: “Oh this MAGICAL creature! How can I possibly express how incredibly grateful I am to call her my friend… to have had 5 seasons of silliness and giggles, love and camaraderie, late night room service and early morning mad dashes to the airport…. and just being there for each other when we were far from home and loved ones  Every once in a while we are fortunate enough to meet someone who is SO special and once those paths cross….you are friends (really more like family) forever! Bailee!!! you inspire me in so many ways – your kind generous spirit, your work ethic, creativity, talent, care of others, your playful spirit!!! and so much more! LOVE YOU girl!! I will definitely miss you on set.. we ALL will. But I am excited to see where your journey takes you next. And I’m with you wherever that is.”

Bailee Madison Is Taking Part in Many Projects Outside of ‘Good Witch’

Madison is already taking part in a lot of projects outside of Good Witch. In 2018, she starred in the horror sequel The Strangers: Prey at Night.

Madison is also working closely with Meghan Trainor and has recently appeared in two videos: All the Ways and Foolish. 

Trainor and Madison have known each other for a long time, Seventeen reported. Madison said they met at the AMAs a few years ago and just got along great right away. She said: “She has been someone that I have looked up to and have been a fan of for as long as I can remember. Her heart, her mind, and her kindness are so rare and my heart is so grateful for her friendship.”

Madison also plays a lead role as Blake’s girlfriend in New  Hope Club’s video Love Again from 2019. That music video premiered in mid-May.

She also recently appeared on Food Network’s Chopped Junior. 

Madison is also in a new relationship. She and Blake Richardson of New Hope Club are dating, Just Jared Jr. reported.

Madison seems pretty happy as life moves beyond Good Witch.

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