Save money on books - borrow from library and make digital copies. Takes a few hours but you can copy a textbook onto a pen drive (copy machines have a USB port). Some colleges let you print pages using their printers and paper.

Another alternative to save money is to buy the ebook or rent the book. At end of semester, some people sell their books back to the book sellers or to other students.

Shopping Amazon, look for link under products, for Used and New. Compare the sellers for price and delivery. Some sellers have products in Amazon warehouse, others ship themselves. Compare the cost of shipping with prime or shipping with a book seller. The buy box offers Amazon Prime shipping, but is not always the least expensive seller. Amazon is NOT a department store. Some things they have bought from vendors to sell themselves. Most things are sold by a few million independent sellers. Each has their own return policy. At the end of a semester there are many book companies that will buy your used books for a discounted price.

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