This stock is the No. 1 play on 5G

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Zuora: “No. I want you to hold for now. It’s in the penalty box … because they missed the quarter so badly last time that I just think that you have to wait a full quarter to see if they can get it together. The subscription economy is good, but their business is not.”

Lithia Motors: “It’s a total outlier. They are a fantastic company, fantastic people. Their stock goes higher.”

Alteryx: “It has wiped out Excel. I want to learn how to Alteryx. It’s bad-ass software. You’ve got a great one. That stock’s not done going higher. It reminds me of Cramer family-fave Okta. “

Marvell Technology: “That is the No. 1 5G play on earth, better than Xilinx. “

Krystal Biotech: “I have to admit that I do not know Krystal Biotech. … I got to do some work on that.”

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