Plant-based eggs land their first major fast food deal

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Plant-based eggs have landed their first big fast-food deal, following in the footsteps of the plant-based burger trend.

Canadian coffee chain Tim Hortons is testing JUST Egg at locations in its home market.

“Canada is one of the most requested markets for JUST and we’re excited to be able to offer our product at select Tim Hortons locations for this market test,” JUST spokesman Andrew Noyes said in a statement.

Tim Hortons, which is owned by Restaurant Brands International, made a leap into the world of vegan substitutes earlier this year when it started offering Beyond Meat’s imitation sausage on three breakfast sandwiches. It recently added the Beyond Burger — its first burger — to its menu as well.

“We are always listening to our guests and testing a wide variety of potential products in select restaurants across the country,” Tim Hortons spokeswoman Jane Almeida said in a statement. “As you know, we recently introduced our Beyond Meat breakfast sandwiches and Beyond Burger. As we continue to test and get feedback, we will consider expanding plant-based options into other menu items.”

Sales of plant-based eggs reached $6 million in the year ending April 2019, according to data from the Plant Based Foods Association.

To imitate the look, taste and texture of eggs, JUST, formerly known as Hampton Creek, uses mung bean protein, turmeric and other vegan ingredients.

JUST has already inked deals with restaurants like Bareburger and Gregory’s Coffee. Consumers can also find JUST Egg in grocery stores like Safeway and Whole Foods. The company said that it is partnering with major egg companies to collaborate on manufacturing and distribution.

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