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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — It’s move-in day for area universities, so don’t be surprised if you find traffic a mess in Oakland, or on the Bluff, or in Downtown Pittsburgh this week, as parents and others help kids get started with a new experience.

“I am moving into college for the first time as a freshman,” says Karl Ahlqvist of Philadelphia.

Ahlqvist is just one of the thousands of young people making the move, in his case, to the University of Pittsburgh.

“Very excited, a little nervous, really excited to see what this year has for me, and I want to get going. I want to start doing school,” added Ahlqvist.

Pitt’s move-in day means temporary road closures in Oakland this week, including parts of Bigelow Boulevard (Forbes to 5th), University Place (5th to O’Hara), Lothrop Street (5th to Victoria), North Bouquet Street (5th to O’Hara), Thackeray Street (5th to O’Hara), and University Drive (Aliquippa to Drive C).

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Duquesne University’s move-in starts on Tuesday when more than 1,300 incoming freshmen arrive on the Bluff, while last Saturday Carnegie Mellon University welcomed freshmen like Alice Zilberberg from Boston with students there to help her.

“It’s surprisingly fast considering how much stuff everybody is bringing and how everybody is moving in on the same day,” said Zilberberg.

Downtown at Point Park University off the Boulevard of the Allies and Wood Street, honors students and students at the Conservatory of Performing Arts moved into their dorms on Monday, while the big move for the rest of the university occurs on Tuesday.

Over 200 upperclassmen and faculty volunteer to help the freshmen move in while others serenade.

At all the universities, for parents dropping off their kids, it’s a mix of sadness and relief.

“It’s about time,” Johan Ahlqvist says, laughing, as he drops off his son Karl.

“No, I’m looking forward to his experience being in college.”

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