Ikea Moving Collection 2019

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If you’re a college student or young adult, moving around is a fairly common thing. Whether the move is from home to dorm or dorm to apartment, the process can be a grueling one. However, Ikea’s new Ombyte collection may be the key to a smooth move (or at least a more aesthetically pleasing one). Designed for your next adventure, college dorm, or new city, Ombyte’s offerings feature more than 20 stylish bags, boxes, carts, and more that we guarantee your Instagram feed will love, and it all falls under $60. That’s right, no more used liquor store boxes for you!

The fun patterns and vibrant colors will be all you want for your future adventures. Get ready to pack your bags (and quite possibly never unpack them again) because Ikea just made moving cute — who knew?! Shop all of the nifty supplies you need ahead!

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