Father and son to be first-time West Conn students together

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DANBURY— Like countless parents across the country, Doug Muckerman will wish his son, Brandon, well on his first day of college. But unlike most, he will then join him as a first-time student at Western Connecticut State University.

The father-son duo from New Milford are part of this year’s incoming class. About 11 percent of those incoming students are nontradtitional students like Doug Muckerman, according to a WCSU release.

Doug Muckerman, 48, works at Cartus in Danbury and will be taking night courses at the university so he can continue working during the day. He recently completed an associate degree at Naugatuck Valley Community College and transferred his credits to WCSU to pursue a Certified Public Accountant designation.

“I like numbers, and accountants deal with a lot of numbers; not to mention that they are among the first people in a company to know if it’s doing well or not,” Doug Muckerman said in the release.

Brandon Muckerman, 18, is studying criminal justice for a future career in law enforcement.

“I decided to attend WCSU because it is the most affordable option,” he said. “I don’t want to exit college with a lot of debt. I looked at a couple of other universities before selecting WCSU. What made up my mind was the overall cost.”

It’s the same approach his father took. It was always Doug Muckerman’s plan to start at the community college and transfer to WCSU as a way to save money.

The duo do expect a little friendly competition with their grades, though more for Doug Muckerman checking in on his son’s GPA.

“I want to make sure he passes all his classes. Not so much of who’s doing better, but if I am, I’ll be sure to let him know,” Doug Muckerman said with a smile.

Brandon Muckerman wasn’t too concerned about it.

“I’m sure my dad will want to see my GPA, but not to see if it’s better than his,” he said. “I don’t think we will have classes together since we have different majors, anyway.”

The different classes will probably leave little chance of the two running into each other on campus.

“If I see my dad, I’ll say ‘hi’ and keep going to my next class,” Brandon Muckerman said.

Doug Muckerman added they might even grab a meal together if their schedules allow.

“Only if I pay for it,” he said.

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