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If you type “college dorm essentials” into Google, you get millions of search results and all of them ultimately say the same thing. I would search for a dorm checklist specifically for your university to get a more tailored checklist to your specific needs.

But no matter what college you end up attending, there are common necessities that everyone needs to have with them to survive their first semester.
Here’s a guide to what you need, what you don’t need and what many of us commonly forget. Every college checklist starts with one of the most important things: a bed set.
It’s important you have the right size and style that you want.
The next thing on the list will probably be some kind of storage set up. Most dormitories give you some type of dresser and a closet.

But for people who tend to overpack like me, or who just want their stuff to be a little more organized, extra storage is essential for keeping your room uncluttered and tidy.
Various storage ideas for a dorm would be bedside shelves, cubbies and storage drawers. Closet organization is also very important.

Closet organizers that are helpful are closet shelves, hanging closet shelves and hanging racks for your closet door.
There’s no such thing as having too much space for your things when it comes to living in a dorm. You’ll also need a mini fridge and microwave for when you don’t want to make a trip to the cafeteria because of rain, a dveadline or you just don’t feel like it.

It also gives you the opportunity to keep perishable snacks like fruit, yogurt and ice cream instead of limiting yourself to non-perishable food like chips and cookies.

Depending on your college’s printing arrangements, bringing your own printer to college is a waste of time. It will sit in your dorm room and take up space.
For ULM students who receive hundreds of free prints a week, you rarely will run the risk of maxing out unless you’re trying to pirate your entire chemistry textbook.
Factor in the cost of having to buy printer ink and it makes a lot more sense to make do with what you can from your library.

When moving into a dorm many also forget to bring cleaning supplies. You will get your use out of the supplies particularly for your bathroom and floor.

Lastly, students don’t bring easy-to-forget items that can be essential when needed. One of these items is a first aid kit that includes over the counter medicine for common illnesses like sore throat, cough and general pain. Another is quarters to do laundry so you don’t have to travel all over town looking for a coin machine.
The last thing students forget is business/business casual attire. You never know when you might have an interview, banquet or presentation that will call for something other than an oversized t-shirt and shorts.

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