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Seaside Residence Hall

Move-in day is quickly approaching, which means it’s time to stock up your pantry
with snacks and treats. If you’re at a campus like Pepperdine’s, with steep hills
everywhere, sometimes the thought of trudging to the cafeteria is unbearable. Whether
you’re budgeting your meal swipes or just want to stay cozy in your dorm room, these
recipes are quick, easy, and satisfying alternatives that can be made in your microwave
or in your community kitchen.

Quiche in a Mug

Nobody wants to eat instant oatmeal every day, and skipping breakfast altogether isn’t
recommended when you have a full day of classes, studying, and possibly a job to go
to. If you have some eggs, whip one in a mug with a tablespoon of milk of your choice.
To get the consistency of a quiche, tear off small pieces of a slice of bread and
combine it with the egg mixture. Chop up a bit of bell pepper, and add in whatever
spices you want. Mix it all together and microwave on high for a little over a minute.
The energy from this meal should keep you alert through all your important assignments.

Female students in Seaside dorm room

Protein-Packed Muffin

If you don’t like eggs, but desperately need more protein in the morning, the following
recipe might be the perfect muffin for you. Mix your favorite protein powder with
flour, or if you have some protein waffle/pancake mix, just use that as your flour
base—you’ll need about two and a half tablespoons. Mix in a tablespoon of granulated
sugar, a pinch of salt, and a quarter teaspoon of baking powder. Once you have combined
all the dry ingredients, add a tablespoon of plain Greek yogurt, a tablespoon of milk
or nut milk of your choice, and a dash of vanilla extract. Stir it all together until
well mixed, and then top with brown sugar and cinnamon. Microwave for just under one
minute, and your sweet yet powerful breakfast is ready!

Mac and Cheese in a Mug

Microwavable packs of mac and cheese are considerably more expensive than this mac
and cheese in a mug. Pick out your favorite elbow pasta and pour half a cup into a
mug then cover the pasta with water. Microwave on high for about eight minutes stopping
occasionally to stir. Once the pasta is cooked how you like it, add cheese! Any type
of shredded cheese you like will be fine. Add about half a cup of cheese and mix with
the hot cooked pasta. If the cheese isn’t quite melted enough, put it in the microwave
for a quick 30 seconds. You can add a bit more flavors with some veggies, herbs, and
spices of your choice.

Students in Seaside Hall's community kitchen

Spiced-Up Ramen

Yes, you’re in college and joking about eating ramen noodles for every meal, but any
instant ramen packet can be customized to make a satisfying meal. Head to your community
kitchen and grab your favorite instant ramen. While mixing the noodles and the spice
packet into the boiling water, add some other things like Thai curry spice, soy sauce,
sriracha, or miso powder for an added kick Now that your broth is done, add some fresh
vegetables such as baby spinach or bean sprouts. Top it off with a fresh slice of

Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake

Making a cookie cake in a mug takes a little more attention to measurements than my
other suggestions, but the final product is ready in just about two minutes. Mix a
quarter cup of flour, a quarter teaspoon of baking powder, a pinch of baking soda,
salt, and two and a half tablespoons of sugar of your choice together in a mug. Add
one and a half tablespoons of milk, a tablespoon of oil, and a splash of vanilla to
the dry ingredients. Add a tablespoon of chocolate chips, or more if you’d like, then
microwave for one minute and 15 seconds. Let it cool for a bit, and then dive right

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