Chapman University’s new $47 million dorm welcomes hundreds of students on move-in day – Orange County Register

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Half an hour is all Chapman University gave Adam Richardson to move belongings from his car to “The K,” the school’s newly opened 400-bed residence hall.

So, the sophomore got on his skateboard, bent forward to grab his cart – packed with clothes, sporting goods and half a dozen cans of nutritional supplements – and pushed off, shaving off precious seconds.

“This is like the best part,” he said.

Hundreds moved into the school’s dorms Thursday, Aug. 22, the first day returning Chapman students were allowed to do so. Freshmen moved in Aug. 20 for orientation week.

Students, some of whom haven’t seen each other for months, exchanged hugs and high-fives galore. They looked around their new rooms, thinking of what to cook or which posters to put up on the walls.

Richardson, from the Palos Verdes Peninsula, only had two carts of stuff. He plans to decorate his room only with an old naval map from his grandfather who was stationed in San Diego.

Others? Let’s just say Morgyn Pottorf, a sophomore from Houston, packed eight carts with “just stuff.” Thankfully, her family was there to help her out.

As students return to Chapman, the biggest change they will see this school year is the new Dale E. and Sarah Ann Fowler School of Engineering, launching a year ahead of schedule, Provost Glenn Pfeiffer said.

“We realized we had everything in place except that the facilities weren’t quite done,” he said.

The school will go two years without a permanent home, waiting for the staff to finish building a wing at the Keck Center for Science and Engineering.

Thursday also marked the opening of the $47 million “The K,” at the site of the historic Villa Park Orchards Association Packing House. It’s part of the university’s push to house nearly half of its students in dorms.

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